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The key is in not spending time, but in investing it. 

– Stephen R. Covey

As a voiceover artist myself, I know how time consuming VO can be, and I'm not talking about the talking. I'm talking about editing out your mistakes and your breaths and distracting ambient noises; struggling with a software you don't know that well; mastering your audio files to a clients' specs only to find don't really understand what they want. 

That's where I come in. I'm Tim Ratledge and as your VO Tech Buddy, I'm here to save you time so that you can keep working, get new gigs and not worry. Read on to learn what exactly I can do to change your VO work for the better. 




Production and Editing

With over 15 years of audio production experience, I can make your audio quality pristine. Anything you voice - narration, audiobooks, e-learning, commercial, you name it -  I will master the audio for a clean and professional sound.

Need to make a commercial? I've worked with dozens of high profile clients to bring their message to life.  Need a demo? Bring your audio to me and we can create a powerful demo to showcase your talents.

Audio Engineering

Send your audio sample over, I'll analyze it and build an effects stack to get you sounding professional!


Using Audition, Twisted Wave, Reaper, Pro Tools, Audacity? Let me help you! This includes short cuts, and general how-to's to make your life easier - and you get gigs faster.

Studio/Booth Consulting

I will advise on your current studio space and make changes so you get the absolute best sound possible. Be it a closet, open space, whisper room or other kind of booth, I will lend my expertise on a host of topics, like what kind of materials to use to dampen or acoustically treat.

Don't have a studio? I will advise you on how to build a studio that suits your space and your recording needs. 



I had the pleasure of meeting Tim at VO North and we hit it off immediately! I was so glad to learn he offered audio editing and proofing services because I had a long form job come in that very next week and I was slammed! Tim was amazing - we worked together quickly on my preferred stack set-up so that I could easily match small client pick-ups myself to my existing DAW set-up. He is friendly, courteous and speedy. And most importantly - he takes feedback really well and endeavors to offer superior customer service! It can be hard to ask a colleague to do something differently, or try something another way - but Tim was always willing to meet me where I was at and help both of us work smarter, not harder. I've had zero complaints from my clients about our joint outputs - and that's really all you need to know! I think the best compliment you can give to an external editor / audio assistant is that you couldn't tell the difference from their finished work and your usual finished work, and that's what you'll get from Tim. He has my highest recommendation. 

Maria Pendolino, VO Artist

Tim's production and mastering skills are simply amazing. I was recently doing a rush job for an audio-book and was having a tough time meeting my deadline. So I contacted Tim who saved the project with outstanding editing, broadcast quality production and a lightning quick turnaround.  I look forward to working with him again!​

James MacPhee, VO Artist



416 525 3791

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